Clear Quartz is the Master Healer

We love using crystals in our jewellery pieces. Not only does it add a reflective glimmer to our jewellery, many believe that crystals have powers within that shiny surface. Clear quartz crystals have been in use since ancient Egyptian times. They are often used for their healing and protective properties. African tribes, Aztecs, Egyptians, Native American Indians, Romans and Scots all prized transparent quartz crystals for the clear quartz powers of healing. They utilized the clear quartz stone benefits in meditation, for enhanced spiritual development and to clear away evil magic spells.

Whether you are wearing to compliment an outfit, healing purposes, or enhance your spiritual development, clear crystals are beautiful and go with everything. We are excited to feature our Crystal Collection just in time for Valentine’s Day. If you’ve been thinking of purchasing something for that special someone, or just for yourself, we’d be happy to wrap it up for that special occasion. To see our entire collection, visit Cord & Stone.

Until February 14th, we are offering 10% off any piece from our Crystal Collection. Use the word CRYSTAL on check out.

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