La Petite Clochette Stone Earrings

La Petite Clochette Stone Earrings


Cord & Stone continues its creative tradition through these captivating sterling silver earrings. La Petite Clochette - The Little Bell -  takes pride of place in our new Chandelier Collection. Crocheted by hand using over 20 feet of  pure Argentium sterling silver, La Petite Clochette is adorned with a battant - a locally sourced semi-precious stone suspended from the center of each earring. Versatile and wearable, La Petite Clochette earrings seamlessly transitions from day-to-night.


The earrings are made with your choice of either Turquoise, Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli, Botswana Agate, Green Aventurine, Tourmaline genuine semi-precious stones. If you would like another stone please indicate your request in the custom box while ordering.


Cord & Stone's signature chandelier jewellery is crafted by crocheting fine Argentium® Sterling Silver into delicate cylindrical "chandeliers" hung with genuine semi-precious stones, and a Sterling Silver chain. The importance of quality, skill, and attention to detail runs deep and underscores Cord & Stone’s core philosophy, melding classical style with an authentic West Coast aesthetic.

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© 2017 - Cord & Stone - Coastal Creations

Photography by Barbara Borchardt and Carole MacFadden

Flowers by The Bloom Bloom Room



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