Driven by a desire to create distinctive, high-quality jewellery, two sisters, Jill and Jennifer, founded Cord & Stone – Coastal Creations. Inspired by the time-honoured crochet techniques handed down from their grandmother, the sisters shape sustainably sourced Argentium® sterling silver wire, locally procured semi-precious stones and naturally tanned leather, into innovative jewellery pieces that are made to last. The importance of artistry, skill, and attention to detail runs deep and underscores the brand’s core philosophy. 

Cultivating the spirit of Vancouver with signature flair, Cord & Stone melds classical style with an authentic West Coast aesthetic.


It's as much an exploration of our relationship as sisters as it is our mutual passion for creating beautiful works of art. 

The Cord & Stone Story

© 2017 - Cord & Stone - Coastal Creations

Photography by Barbara Borchardt and Carole MacFadden

Flowers by The Bloom Bloom Room



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